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Drawing on both family ties and personal experiences within the industry, KnotHead Productions dot com is dedicated to the development of a wide variety of motion picture, media, photographic and publishing projects.


KnotHead Productions dot com was started by Jay Dee Witney, the son of  motion picture director William Witney.  Why do we call it KnotHead Productions? "Because my father used to call me knot head". 

In 2017 our KnotHead logo took back its name... 'Old Clapperboard Production'.  Look for it on You Tube and Vimeo in the future.



A tribute To A Movie Location: Lone Ranger Canyon


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THE SHELL...A screen play written by William Witney.  On tap to be published on Amazon 2016

The Volunteer Fire Department Story 'Donner Summit': A TV series idea By John (Jay Dee) Witney & William Witney.  Registered WGA # 1586568. A story about the Donner Summit Volunteer Fire Department in the late 1970' to 1980's.  Screenplay in development.

'THE LIGHTNING RIDES AGAIN'...Is a story Idea by William Witney.  We are in the funding process with WILLIAM WINCKLER PRODUCTIONS for development on this project.

LONDON: The German Connection....Book by Kay ( Mann ) Witney.  We're looking to write a screen play based on the title.  
Project slated for 2017


Various ongoing video (Ultraman behind the scenes dubbing the American voices) and voice over projects with Willaim Winckler Productions.

Maxine Doyle's Autographed Pictures

Actress Maxine Doyle priceless collection of over 300 autographed pictures to be published for a table top addition.

See Autograph Pictures


volunteer I might add!

Chief KnotHead


Jay Dee Witney...Chief KnotHead

When I was very young, my father (William Witney) would often call me "knothead."  Well deserved, I suppose, considering some of the harebrained things I did as a kid.  As I grew up and we became pals it stuck as a nickname.  So now I've gone and done something stupid again...started my own production company - KnotHead Productions dot com.....get it?

Kay Witney


Our story, script and manuscript editor. Published author - successful business owner - professional London "Blue Badge Guide" - Certified Wedding Planner.  She is the chief KnotHead's "right hand" and better half. 

Cami Heitz


Cami is our web and media advisor, logo creator, production assistant and a creative out of the box thinker.  She also serves as our European contact for promotions.  I think she is in Spain today or maybe Argentina...NO, wait...If it's March it may be London!....she's full of surprises.

Yep...our security, both physically and mentally.

Really, how many production companies have a dog named Panda Bear on their staff.( We had to say good by to Panda Bear on 02/06/17, our faithful buddy for over 14 years. He was 16 when he passed) RIP PB