Jay Dee Witney - Photo Gallery
I'm not sure how old I was when this photo was taken with Mom (above). 
The photos below include snapshots of some of the different roles I've played throughout my life.  
Hondo TV Series, Jay Dee Witney
Jay Dee on the set.
Laredo TV, The Land Slickers
Newly weds getting a room
Laredo TV series
Love American Style,1971
USNR Photographers Mate 3rd class, John D. Witney
Jay Dee Witney
I Wish!
Geez- I made it onto a billboard
Donner Summit, Donner Summit Fire Department
No TV show- It's real
Donner Summit Fire Department, 1990
Arte Johnson & Jay Dee
A director's son at 3 y/o
A Roy Rogers birthday party?
Hondo and the Apache Kid
I'm in trouble
Movie of the week
Poster for the TV series
Me, Roy & Dusty Rogers
Slim Pickens, Jay Dee Witney
Slim & Me!
bonanza, jay dee witney, dan blocker
Bonanza: 'TOMMY' 1966 (picture from the ANDY KLYDE Archives)