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A short tribute to his father William Witney by his son Jay Dee.  (Click here or on picture to view)
drums of fu manchu,fu manchu,william witney, republic studios

His favorite serial,William Witney talks about DRUMS OF FU MANCHU serial, directing with Jack English and serial budgets.

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Bonanza,william witney,

William Witney talks a little bit about working on the  Bonanza series.


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william witney, lone pine , lone pine film festival.
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Serial, television and action motion picture director William Witney answers the question" What makes Lone Pine such a good location"?This edited clip, from the 1994 Lone Pine Film Festival star panel discussion, is from a presentation " Remembering William Witney" by his son Jay Dee Witney given at the 2014 Lone Pine Film Festival. Original personal footage from Jim Drake ( ), by permission.

stranger at my door, william witney, knoxville film festival

William Witney talks about working the horse stunts for STRANGER AT MY DOOR filmed in 1956, plus working with 'REX' king of the wild horses and more. This video is from a panel duscussion taped in 1994 at the Knoxville Film Festival.
william witney,knoxville film festival, stuntmen

William Witney talks about Action, Wagons, Horses, Stuntmen and an accident.   A clip from the 1994 Knoxville Film festival. Click here or picture to watch.

william witney,nat levine, mascot studios
William Witney talks about Nat Levine

William Witney talks about Nat Levine during a celebrity panel discussion at the 1994 Knoxville Film Festival.  Click here  or picture to view.

witney, lone ranger,lone pine, film history
William Witney in Lone Ranger Canyon

Motion picture and Serial director William Witney talks about making of the Lone Ranger serial in 1938 along with other stories of yesteryear. This video footage was shot by LA Times Photographer Don Kelsen in June of 1993.  Produced by KnotHead productions

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William Witney talks about making Roy Rogers westerns

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This clip is an interview with Director William Witney, from a documentary titled “ Roy Rogers King of the Cowboys”.  Made for European communities, directed by Thys Ockersen, this Scorpio Film Productions was made in cooperation with NOS Television- Holandbehind your video, and how you were involved in making it.

william Witney
William Witney at Knoxville Film Festival 1992

William Witney tells the Story behind the interview.

This clip is from the 1992 Knoxville film Festival.  William Witney tell the story behind his interview for the Roy Rogers documentary "Roy Rogers King of the Cowboys"  Made for the European communities. Click here or on picture.

william witney, jack english
Serial directors Bill Witney (lt) and Jack English (rt) test out the new ray gun for the next episode.

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Watch Serials and other films

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William Witney, Action-Maestro - A Biography, by Mike Haberfelner.  The link below will take you to a good variety of films and serials by William Witney and Jack English.


Watch ‘Jungle Girl, G-Men vs. the ‘Black Dragon’ and ‘Apache Rifles’

Directed by William Witney.  Use the link below.
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